Our acquisition profile

HT Group has been successfully operating in the real estate market since 2007 and manages approx. 2.5 billion euros in a mixed-use portfolio. As a medium-sized real estate investment manager, we seek attractive purchase offers for our institutional investors, focusing on the German and Austrian market. We invest in existing properties and plot of land with and without building rights for office and residential use.

Investment criteria

  • Existing properties and project developments (forward deals)
  • Transaction structure: share and asset deals
  • At least 20 million euros per transaction
  • Existing portfolios with an individual project size of 10 million euros or more.
  • Risk profiles: core to value-add


Compact apartments to suit every budget

Cities and locations

  • German and Austrian metropolitan regions
  • Top 7 German cities
  • Prospering medium-sized cities and university towns with positive demographic development
  • Good public transport connections

Property types

  • Typical multi-storey housing, micro-apartments, senior housing
  • Commercial shares of up to 30 % possible


High-quality properties in established locations

Cities and locations

  • German and Austrian metropolitan regions
  • Prospering medium-sized cities
  • Focus on established office locations

Property types

  • Single-tenant or multi-tenant properties with reputable and financially sound tenants
  • Properties with optimal potential for alternative uses
  • Core properties from 5 years WALT
  • Value-Add (e.g. Manage to ESG) from 2 years WALT


Sustainable developments in aspiring locations


  • A and B cities in Germany
  • Prospering medium-sized centres
  • University locations > 100,000 inhabitants and sustainable economic and demographic development

Size / Use

  • Residential, office, commercial
  • Minimum project size:
    > 5,000 square metres of land area
    > Commercial > 10,000 square metres of land area