Competent and focused

HT Group promises modern, independent investment management, asset management and fund management for real estate. As a medium-sized company, we act autonomously and are independent of corporate groups and the capital markets. With our in-house investment management company, we develop products for institutional investors. We communicate transparently and on an equal footing. This includes, for example, not dealing with blind pools. You always know where you stand with HT Group.

Looking forward

We currently manage properties with a total value of approximately EUR 2.5 billion. It all began in 2007, when we traded under the name Hamburg Trust. Since then, our company’s direction has changed. A key milestone was the creation of our in-house investment management company in 2013 and the exclusive focus on institutional investors. With our investment management company, we develop open-ended and closed-ended special AIFs for our institutional investors. We also opened an office in Vienna in 2020.



Succeeding with market flair and expertise

We are specialists in residential and office property. From 2018 to 2021 alone, we invested more than a billion euros in German and Austrian residential and office property.
Our in-depth expertise and vast network grant us access to promising transactions. Combined with an acute sense of the market situation and perfect timing, we lay the foundations for sustainable investments. For you, this means high occupancy rates, stable returns and above-average distributions.